Throwback Thursday


  • New month, we have a new challenge! This month’s challenge getting inverted. 1- Max HS Hold. 2- Max Strict HSPU. 3- Max Distance HS Walk (or 5 min practice)
  • This month’s goal is focused on nutrition. Come up with something to help you this month. Maybe it’s no grains, sugars, pop, cheat once a week, etc.

Part 2 of the throwback we did a week or 2 ago.

I love this old type of stuff. This was when I first got into CrossFit, and still my favorite years of CrossFit. Crazy again to see how far it’s come. Wish they’d do something like this again!

THURSDAY 7.23.20

A. Push Jerk

B. “Summer Nights”
3 rounds for time:
200m Run
10 Push Jerk 155/105
RX+ 185/120
*12 Min Cap

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