New Month and Throwback

It’s a new month, we should already know we need some new goals. This month the goals will be focused on nutrition. Anything you feel will help you out a bit with your nutrition. Maybe it’s no sugar this month, no grains, maybe only cheating once a week, whatever it may be. Something you think would help you, that isn’t so extreme that you couldn’t accomplish it! Write it down and then keep yourself honest with it.

The second thing we have is a new monthly challenge. This month’s challenge is simple. Getting upside. There is 3 options, pick one of them that works best for you based on your ability, accumulate your times, reps, distance on the board. Like we said, do this and your name gets put in a hat. Options are below:

  1. Max HS Hold- Kick up and hold for max time. Only 1 attempt per day. Keep track of time and keep adding up your times as you go.
  2. Max Strict HSPU- Can use 1 abmat or bands if you need to. Goal is to get to RX if possible. Only 1 attempt per day. If your reps are low (under 20) then I would try and accumulate AT LEAST 20 reps when you give a max attempt.
  3. Max Distance HS Walk- If you’re good at the HS walk, then try and turn around while you’re upside down. Max of 5 attempts per day. Since the gym is so small, you can drop and turn around and go for more distance, no more than 5 times in a day though. If you struggle with the HS walk, give yourself 5 minutes to work on it.

Keep in mind the open is coming up, might want to start working on some of this stuff!

Some more old school stuff from CrossFit. This stuff is golden, and back when CrossFit was super raw and new. People when HAM and just died for points, the good old days.

Also, funny to point out that most of these Again Faster athletes, are now Rogue athletes. Can you believe the golden boy Rich Froning was once something other than a Rogue athlete? Hard to believe!


A. “Good Morning”
15/12 Calorie Row
5 Clean and Jerk 135/95
15 Pullup
RX Add 10/5 each round
RX+ Add 20/10 each round
Scaled is 135/95 the whole time

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