Stickers and Review!

I know you’ve probably heard us say this a time or two, but maybe you forgot or maybe you just tune us out, who knows??

But just reminding you guys we have stickers at the gym (like the one shown below), that are yours for the taking! All that we ask is if you take one you give us a review on google. It really does help us out a lot with getting the word out about our place. Which we can always use all the help we can get!

If you’ve already taken one and given a review, we thank you! If not, go for it if you take a sticker!

Thanks guys!


A. Front Squat

B. “My Direction”
For time:
40 Wallball, 20 Burpees
Rest 1:30
30 Wallball, 15 Burpees
Rest 1:30
20 Wallball, 10 Burpees
RX 20/14 Wallball
RX+ 30/20 Wallball
*15 Min Cap
**Score is total time including rest

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