Matt Bickel

Still focusing Monday’s Post around nutrition.

Today’s post is a podcast. About an hour long, but a lot of great information here. It’s good to hear people who have a ton of knowledge about nutrition like we posted last week. It’s also nice to hear from people who were once very overweight and lost a ton of weight.

Good to see the thought process as well as the science behind it all. Some good nuggets and pearls in this podcast if you have the time for it.

MONDAY 7.6.20

A. “Don’t Forget”
Kettlebell Snatch Right Arm 53/35
Kettlebell Snatch Left Arm
Toes To Bar
RX+ 70/53
*10 Min Cap

B. Gymnastic Strength
2-3 sets:
Muscle Up
*:15-:20 L-sit Hold btwn sets

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